Punks Giving promotes unity and fundraising though music, art and events.

Photo Credit: Yohann LIBOT via unsplash https://unsplash.com/@yohannlibot

Our Mission is to identify and unite positive resources in the punk and hardcore community for populations in need.



The Punks Giving, Inc. 2022 Annual Report is now available


2022 Annual Report - Punks Giving - Our Impact



Have you checked out the FREE and LOW COST educational resources curated by Punks Giving, Inc. to help satisfy the "1st Chord" of our "3 Chord Approach"?

I. BETTER YOURSELF. Punks Giving believes that the betterment of the world starts with us individually, then expands outwards into our families, the community, the world. Punks Giving has curated, and continues to curate, educational and professional resources to help in this “Chord”. These resources can be found on our website and range from free and low cost online classes to build skills in a profession and expand your resume to seek for better and more financially and personally rewarding employment. There will also soon be resources and links such as job listings and additional classes. Our hope and goal for the future is to provide financial scholarships not only for the online courses but also for other educational and professional expansion.

Visit our "Better Yourself" chord page or click the images below for courses provided at those organizations.

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