A Brief History

"Punk is Not Dead"

Punk is a mindset. Punk is about shattering status quos and rethinking and reshaping who we are as an individual and how we fit into society. What better time than to help make a change than now. We are punks; giving of our time, talents and resources to help those in need.

"Established in 2020"

2020 gave rise to a global pandemic, social discord as well as the bringing a halt to live in-person music and events.  This time allowed for introspection, contemplation, education and just plain old relaxation and entertainment through recorded music. During this time there were a few key quotes that stuck with me. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." (Napoleon Hill)  "If you don't care who gets the credit you can do a lot of good." (Abraham-Hicks Publications) "Don’t know what I want, but I know I want to give. I know how I want to live; Positively Positive!" (Good Clean Fun)

And so the foundations of Punks Giving were laid simply to provide the means in which we, all of us, are able to bring about a positive change to ourselves, our families, our communities and the world by giving of our time, talents, resources or simply by giving a monetary donation to help those in need.

"Merger with Punk Rock Saves Lives in 2023"

Punks Giving was established in August of 2020 as a separate organization with the mission to identify and unite positive resources in the punk and hardcore community for populations in need. One such positive resource that is staple in the scene is Punk Rock Saves Lives. The relationship between Punks Giving and Punk Rock Saves Lives has grown throughout the years, and at the beginning of 2023 Punks Giving officially merged with Punk Rock Saves Lives as a program under their organization. This merger allows for each of our missions and approaches to come together. Punk Rock Saves Lives mission “focuses on the lives of the communities in which we live, serve, and play. Using the power of music, PRSL strives to produce positive outcomes at shows, festivals, and events. We believe Punk Rock not only saves lives but also seeks to improve the communities and neighborhoods we live in by promoting positive messages of change.” This is done in 3 main ways: Mental health education, groups and resources, free harm reduction and community resources as well as the main program of swabbing for the DKMS Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Registry at shows, festivals and events helping those that are fighting bone and blood cancers. The Punks Giving side of the organization focuses on 3 areas such as: “Bettering Ourselves” by constantly identifying, curating and networking with organizations throughout the country to assist in providing a wide variety of available resources or those seeking help, guidance and resources for themselves, their families and communities. “Giving and Volunteering” by encouraging the punk and hardcore community to give of their time, talents and resources to help those in need. And 3rd by being a resource in the scene, helping to provide community resources at shows as well as through our signature “Punks Giving” program of providing food, clothing, as well as toys during the November and December holiday seasons.

Mission Statement

To identify and unite positive resources in the punk and hardcore community for populations in need.


A community where everyone is striving for a better future.

Core Values

Compassion, Community, Optimism, and Respect