You’re Only Punk Once, So You’d Better Do It Right By Daphne Minks Daly

You're Only Punk Once - Punks Giving article in Derailed Magazine Jan 2021

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, to put it mildly. The global pandemic and resulting circumstances put many people in difficult situations. In the short term, it’s easy to look back at what has become known as the ‘Year of the Dumpster Fire” and find only negative. But, amidst the virus’s chaos, the human spirit’s resolve has somehow managed to prevail. From the medical professionals on the front lines to the volunteers packing bags of groceries for food lines, 2020 was the year of helping others.

As the world began to feel the crunch of COVID and social discord, musician Jared Frenzel felt his punk rock roots urging him to spring into action…Read More directly on