IV. GIVE (Volunteer)

IV. GIVE (VOLUNTEER). If you are on stable ground, or are on the journey, we encourage you to get out there and GIVE! GIVE OF YOUR TIME by volunteering for a local organization or simply get out and help someone in need. GIVE OF YOUR TALENTS. If you have a skill, trade or a talent provide it to an organization, family or individual in need. GIVE OF YOUR RESOURCES. If you are financially able to donate to an organization or a cause we strongly encourage you to give. However it’s not always about money; if you have physical resources to donate such as materials, tools, transportation, shelter, a venue, etc. please consider donating of those resources as they are just as valuable to many organizations and individuals in need.

This page is continually under construction and growing. Please check back continually for new resources. 

For Volunteer Opportunities specific where you live, email us at [email protected] with the city and state you live in and type of volunteer work you are looking for and we will email you back with volunteer opportunities in your area!

Do you know of a worthy cause or organization to volunteer for or give to? Email us at [email protected] with details and we will review it and see if we can add them!

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