V. CHARITABLE RESOURCE. Punks Giving, as an organization, desires to be a charitable resource, whether it be monetarily or physically to assist those in need. Punks Giving, Inc. is a register 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This means that the organization have been approved by the IRS and has the oversight to make sure all donations are properly managed as well as provides the donor with the ability to make tax deductible donations. This is only possible through donations. Please contact Punks Giving, Inc. at [email protected] or donate directly on our website at punksgiving.org/donate.

Please excuse the sparseness and simplicity in the early stages. This page is continually under construction and growing. Please check back continually for new resources. 

In order for Punks Giving, Inc. to be a primary resource we are seeking funding, donations as well as sponsorships and partnerships. Please either contact us or donate online.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance. Please contact us or email [email protected]. Please include all necessary info for us to find the best means of helping. All information will be kept private and only minimal and relevant information will be shared with coordinating individuals or organizations.


Assistance programs available:

  • Immediate assistance with food and/or clothing (typically referring to 1 weeks worth of food and/or clothing)
  • Holiday food and gift assistance (Thanksgiving - December Holiday Season)
  • Scholarship programs for online courses
  • School supply assistance (physical supplies such as backpacks, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils crayons, etc.)
  • Job interview wardrobe assistance (typically referring to 1 modestly priced ensemble)

If you would like to sponsor or partner with any of the above programs please contact us!