3 Chords

Punks Giving, Inc. promotes unity and fundraising though music, art and events. Our Mission is to identify and unite positive resources in the punk and hardcore community for populations in need.

We accomplish our primary mission by taking a “3 Chord” approach.

I. BETTER YOURSELF. Punks Giving believes that the betterment of the world starts with us individually, then expands outwards into our families, the community, the world. Punks Giving has curated, and continues to curate, educational and professional resources to help in this “Chord”. These resources can be found on our website and range from free and low cost online classes to build skills in a profession and expand your resume to seek for better and more financially and personally rewarding employment. There will also soon be resources and links such as job listings and additional classes. Our hope and goal for the future is to provide financial scholarships not only for the online courses but also for other educational and professional expansion.

IV. GIVE (VOLUNTEER). If you are on stable ground, or are on the journey, we encourage you to get out there and GIVE! GIVE OF YOUR TIME by volunteering for a local organization or simply get out and help someone in need. GIVE OF YOUR TALENTS. If you have a skill, trade or a talent provide it to an organization, family or individual in need. GIVE OF YOUR RESOURCES. If you are financially able to donate to an organization or a cause we strongly encourage you to give. However it’s not always about money; if you have physical resources to donate such as materials, tools, transportation, shelter, a venue, etc. please consider donating of those resources as they are just as valuable to many organizations and individuals in need.

V. CHARITABLE RESOURCE. Punks Giving, as an organization, desires to be a charitable resource, whether it be monetarily or physically to assist those in need. Punks Giving, Inc. is a register 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This means that the organization have been approved by the IRS and has the oversight to make sure all donations are properly managed as well as provides the donor with the ability to make tax deductible donations. This is only possible through donations. Please contact Punks Giving, Inc. at [email protected] or donate directly on our website at punksgiving.org/donate.